"Mission Outreaches"

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"Mission Outreaches"


We are promoting this mission; as I truly believe it is annointed and blessed. I have known one of the people; that work in this mission field since she was a child. Her parents are proud of her and I so admire what she has become. Her parents helped led me to Jesus Christ. All of these people go a step beyond also; they teach, sports and cheer leading for kids in foreign countries, they build Churches, they provide medical care, they teach people how to be the best they can be, they led people to Jesus Christ, they build, they work and live with the people; many even learning the language where they are staying. It is what I would call living Christian teaching; in other words, they don't just preach it; they are teaching it; by living with them and being an example; of love that comes from Jesus Christ. They provide everything from the very basic how too's to the planning, to the finished product. Kids are given places where they can learn values in life; and they are teaching the kids and families about American Christians, they are teachig the truth, by love and action. If a person is hungrey, hopeless,joyless, how can you teach them? Jesus would not just stand there He would feed them, help them, heal them and teach them. So please support them; the work in the mission fields is plenty, if you can't go, they do.......Visit there web site see how you can help. Pictures used with permission of S.H. God Bless.



Czech This Out!


Czech Republic

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.”

 Colossians 3:12

Giving information

Global Partners

PO Box 50434

Indianapolis, IN 50434 


Youth Pastor David lead prayer, bible studies, games, and music times. On Saturday we even went hiking and repelling!  It was a foggy cool weekend, but thankfully the rain held off.  Please remember to pray for those in Majak’s youth group. All of them are first generation Christians and constantly deal with being the only one in their family that believes.  It has been awesome to see how God is working in their lives and how they are now growing in the Lord.








"Come to Me all whom are weary and heavey ladden"

...whom can I send......whom will go......


American Leprosy Missions


Greenville, SC 29601


Providing a cure for leprosy in one year for new diagnosis, and assisting people whom have had it long term.


Missions recommended:

Operation Smile; the doctors and nurses donate their time, do not get paid, and pay their own transportation, a very great cause.  They do surgery in other countries for children with cleft palate. 




MMI=Medical Ministry International(USA)


P.O. Box 1339

Allen, Texas 75013-0022

Telephone:  972-727-5864       Fax:  972-727-7810

OR in Canada

Medical Group Missions (Canada)

15 John Street North, Suite 301

Hamiliton, ON L8 R 1H1

Telephone:  905-524-3544  Fax:  905-524-5400

Again, all these Doctors and Nurses donate their time, and many times resources, they pay their own air fare. I have personally worked with some of these doctors and nurses at the hospital where I used to work. They travel overseas to different countries and provide much needed surg.'s of all kinds, they also teach Jesus Christ where ever they go, they have lead many to Christ through their medical services.  Many hand carry soap on the airplanes just so they will have soap.(Think about that) They are in urgent need of soap and other supplies, to see what is needed just pop in to their web site.......

You see 2 hands and 10 fingers can make a difference, so why not lend them your 2 hands and help them to continue to go on these missions..............Spirit Walker


Cancer Society and Hospice

Most provide care requardless of ability to pay.................

Alot of the workers, do not get paid, and either they or someone they know, or a family member have had cancer. Hospice provides care to all diseases now, not just cancer.............

Remember them all please...........don't have anything to donate, please pray, and pray anyway, it is love.............


Salvation Army.........in your Area

Red Cross........in your Area

We urge anyone that has a web site, or homepage to post these pictures, logos on their web pages. There are several to choose from. Also consider posting an Amber Alert............If everyone is watching, than we become the two hands helping. Awareness is a key...........



Just push on the pictures





   Hand Of Hope..

   They assist with medical needs in foreign counties, orphanages, feeding programs, ..etc. They have also assisted in disaster relief around the world; including the US.


 Samaritans Purse


(Franklin Graham)

 ,,they go through out the world and in our own back yard

  Christmas Shoe Boxes

  Live stock, Resources to make a continous living....crops resources

  Farming resources and many other helps for people to be a continous help throughout

 the year, Wells, Clean Water, Mediciations